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Back to Season 19 Index Episode: Treehouse of Horror XVIII

General Information

  • Season: 19
  • Production Code: JABF16
  • Episode Number: 0
  • Airdate: 04 November 2007
  • Writer: Marc Willmore
  • Director: Chuck Sheetz
  • Editor: Gary M. Gadsdon


ET GO HOME: When Bart finds Kodos lurking in the back yard, they take her in. Lisa soon finds out too and the kids help Kodos build what they believe to be a phone. Eventually, the FBI gets notified and Bart and Kodos flee. The device that Kodos built turns out to be a teleporter and various other aliens of Kodos's kind (including Kang) are teleported in. They are quickly destroyed by the FBI. Kodos is captured and then dissected.

MR AND MRS. SIMPSON: In a parody of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Homer and Marge are attending what appears to be marriage counselling. Where they tell the story of Homer going to the bathroom and is really a secret agent hired to kill Kent Brockman. When Homer goes off to kill him, Kent is killed by a woman before Homer got the chance. The woman turned out to be Marge. Homer races Home and challenges Marge. Each pulling guns on each other. A Huge gunfight between the two ensues wrecking much of the Dining room, Hall and Living Room. When Chief Wiggum shows up with a complaint from Flanders, Marge shoots him with a Crossbow, and they agree to do their assassinations together.

HECK HOUSE: As Bart, Lisa, Milhouse and Nelson go trick or treating on Agnes Skinner's house who refuse to give them candy, they take up the trick part of the deal and throw water bombs at her. Later they decided to not bother asking for treats and simply just carry out the trick portion. Such as mousetraps on Moe, Tarring Patty and Selma, and throwing Plopper on Homer. Flanders decides to scare the kids so bad, they wont do any of the stuff again. Initially failing, he prays to god who turns Flanders into a demon and shows the kids effects of the seven deadly sins in hell. The kids vow to not do that stuff anymore and Flanders concludes the episode.

Intro Gags

Lisa's Appearences

  • Bart and Lisa get various items for Kodos
  • Lisa goes trick or treating with Bart, Milhouse and Nelson
  • Lisa overfeeds Lenny's Fish
  • Lisa aids Bart, Milhouse and Nelson throw Plopper onto Homer's head
  • Lisa is sent to hell by Flanders

Lisa Framegrabs - 64

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