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MT2 is closed. It had a good run. But all is not lost. I've created a new forum, about Bongo Comics, who publish the SIMPSONS and FUTURAMA comics :D Check the forum out on Topics from the integration from WOTS have been kept, and if you posted in them, so has your account! If you reset your password, you should be able to login again with your old username!

If you need help, use index.php to post on MT2 for now, and I can reset your password for you.

Regards Gary M. Gadsdon.

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WOTS Capsule Data / [Quotage] PABF05 - Moe Goes from Rags to Riches
« On: February 05, 2012, 10:01:47 PM »
Wiggum: Hey there's some Pringles in here. Nope. Tear Gas.

WOTS Capsule Data / [Allusions] PABF05 - Moe Goes from Rags to Riches
« On: February 05, 2012, 10:01:47 PM »
Apparently, Kirk and Luann have split up again since getting re-married in JABF22 - Little Oprhan Millie

WOTS Capsule Data / [Trivia] PABF05 - Moe Goes from Rags to Riches
« On: February 05, 2012, 10:01:46 PM »
When Marge is showing Burns the tapestry, Homer has an eyepatch, an apple for an eye, and a wooden arm.

The Simpsons Arcade Game from 1991 has now come to Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. It costs 800 Microsoft Points for Xbox 360, and £8.00 (so I'm told) for Playstation Network in Europe at least. You can get it for free so long as you have a PSN+ Account. This may result in me taking it off of WOTS.

We also have more news regarding the Simpsons Comics for April, aside from Milhouse #1 which was shown earlier.

Bart Simpson Comics #70
With a little help -- okay, more than a little help from Lisa -- Homer is on the road to a promotion at the nuclear power plant. Then, Marge and Lisa need to save Bart from himself -- and his sugar addiction. Plus, Sergio Aragonés lets loose in another installment of "Maggie's Crib."

Simpsons Comics 189
Maggie Simpson becomes a pop cultural prophet when her musings and missives hit the 'Net in a Chatter account called "Poop My Baby Says." Who is pulling the strings behind the orally-fixated oracle? When the world finds out, the poop will definitely hit the fan.

Simpsons Illustrated 2
From the Bongo Archives, when a psychotic clown sidekick comes to town with a plan to exact his revenge upon his archenemy, no one expects that vengeance-seeking harlequin to be Sideshow Cecil, Bob's brother, with a plan to kill his own archenemy -- Lisa Simpson! Then, Bart's treehouse gets condemned when the tree in the Simpsons' backyard develops stump rot, and it's up to Bart and Milhouse to stand in the way of the bulldozers. Also, Radioactive Man finds himself in an alternate reality after an emergency stop in a convenient Portal Potty.

Also, Simpsons Classics has been ditched in favour of Simpsons Illustrated.

WOTS Capsule Data / [Quotage] PABF04 - The D'ohcial Network
« On: January 28, 2012, 10:43:29 AM »
Homer: Leave her alone, she's my only talking daughter!

WOTS Capsule Data / [Cultural References] PABF04 - The D'ohcial Network
« On: January 28, 2012, 10:43:29 AM »
SpringFace is an obvious parody of Facebook.

WOTS Capsule Data / [Allusions] PABF04 - The D'ohcial Network
« On: January 28, 2012, 10:43:29 AM »
The episode was short to broadcast, so a Shows too short story was added similar to "Everyone Loves Ned Flanders" from 9F16 - The Front

WOTS Capsule Data / [Trivia] PABF04 - The D'ohcial Network
« On: January 28, 2012, 10:43:29 AM »
Lisa is not very Web 2.0 orientated. While she can code JavaScript, her HTML is not valid, nor is it semantic.

The cover for the next One Shot issue after Ralph Wiggum is dedicated to Milhouse has been unveiled, and it'll be appearing in April. It'll be written by Gail Simone and Pat McGrealm, and features artwork by Bob Smitjh, Carol Lay, Jason Ho and Mike Rote.

Bart Simpson’s pal Milhouse takes center stage in the next of our series of Simpsons Comics One-Shots. Take a look at the world of Springfield through the eyes of Bart’s bespectacled best friend, second banana, and juvenile delinquent wannabe, and the fantastical things you see through his thick lenses might surprise you.

Also, Bart Simpson #67 will be arriving on the 25th January.

Way back in Bart Simpson #50, we started bringing famous artists on board our Bart book in order to introduce younger readers to some of the coolest comic creators in the business today. Then, we took Bart Simpson monthly. The best and boldest Bart Simpson books ever are on their way this year! Starting it all off, Bart proves an old wives' tale true: If you make a face, it might stay that way! Then, Bartman (aka Bart) and Radioactive Man (aka Rainier Wolfcastle) team-up for an adventure that’s out of this world…and off this planet! Then, enjoy another installment of  Sergio Aragonés' "Maggie’s Crib."

Source: Bleeding Cool and Bongo Comics

Simpsons News / Simpsons Comics 186 out 18th January!
« On: January 18, 2012, 02:42:36 AM »
Hey everyone, this is the first "news" type update on WOTS regarding the actual show and not the site. You can tell the difference between the two by the colour of the update bar. Blue updates mean it's news rather than site updates which get pink bars. Hopefully, Leif will be joining me in providing news on the show too!

For this first update here, if you're a reader of the Comics, you'll be happy to know that Simpsons Comics #186 is out on 18th January 2012, which is today for me in Britain. :P

Here's the cover.

and a synopsis:
Our countdown to Simpsons Comics #200 has begun, and with a little art director magic, it has never looked better. This month Sideshow Bob returns to Springfield in the company of the rightful creator of  Itchy and Scratchy, the hobo Chester J. Lampwick, but  when the billionaire with a bindle goes missing, Bart suspects a certain sociopathic second banana. Meanwhile, Lisa makes it her mission to save the Springfield Library.

Source: Bongo Comics

WOTS Updates / I wwebsite as on the internet
« On: January 09, 2012, 03:45:08 AM »
Just a small update today, since I'm not really feeling up to making a larger one due to some personal related events.

So really all this episode contains is a redesigned title area for each posts with plans to allow more people to post updates and branch out into other Simpsons related news, which is likely to come with WOTS4, whenever that gets designed, which I have not done yet. It should allow you to share the updates via Facebook and Twitter, which is a big thing right? Especially my stance against Facebook. :P

The only real content that's been added is a capsule for PABF03 - Politically Inept with Homer Simpson, which has a synopsis and framegrabs, Promo cards were released for the episode, but I don't have reasonably sized images of them yet...

Nugent: That's alright, she can munch on an antler, antlers ain't meat.

Bart states that the Halloween Mask is just Shrek painted yellow

One of the construction workers is Rosco from 4F11 - Homer's Phobia

Items in the scroll ticker feature "Steve Jobs announces iGhost", "Europe puts Greece on eBay" and "Congress Postpones end of world to 2013"

Video Games and Consoles / Customer Relations the "OceanStratagy" way!
« On: December 29, 2011, 12:07:15 AM »
If you poke around on ScrewAttack, Kotaku or Penny Arcade, you might have heard this story.

The story is that customer enquired regarding the arrival of a product they had purchased. Instead, they were met with insults, and belittling from OceanMarketing President, Paul Christoforo. He says he's friends with various other sites and attends large name expos such as E3, Gamescom (which he refers to simply as Germany), and PAX. The owner of Penny Arcade, who run PAX, Mike Krahulik, permanently banned Christoforo from the event.

After the news spread, Christoforo changed his Twitter account from "OceanMarketting" to "OceanStratagy" (yes, he did indeed spell strategy incorrectly) and the word "stratagy" seems to have reached meme status. His emails are also filled with spelling, punctuation and grammar errors that even a six year old wouldn't make.

The only real loser here though, is the product, The Avenger Controller: which for some strange reason has seen it's amazon rating drop from 4 stars to 1 in eight hours...

WOTS Updates / Smells like Dog, but there's no dog.
« On: December 28, 2011, 04:16:23 PM »
And again, I have to make an update due to a switch in hosts. Oh well... I was planning on doing a mass-deletion and re-upload anyway.

I've made some graphical touches to the design of WOTS3, mainly the navigation and other areas.

In content, I have added episode capsules for every Season 23 episode that has aired thus far. These actually get added the day after air with framegrabs, I just don't announce them. So this is probably old news. In case you've forgotten the episodes are NABF16 - The Falcon and the D'ohman, NABF17 - Bart Stops to Smell the Roosevelt's, NABF18 - Holidays of Future Passed, NABF19 - Treehouse of Horror XXII, NABF20 - The Food Wife, NABF21 - Replaceable You, NABF22 - The Book Job, PABF01 - The Man in the Blue Flannel Pants and PABF02 - The Ten Per-Cent Solution.

There are also plenty of new sections dotted around such as Simpsons Family Tree, a new Biography featuring Lisa's future daughter, Zia. A new Common List on the Stand By Indents, What I Pine For Fan Fic from Kathryn Bunny returns from TCB, as does Maggie's Future and Flashbacks which she also wrote.

In drawings, theres some new Promo Cards, Wallpapers and Scenegrabs and the very typical Grabpics.

Fan Sections got expanded such as Fan Art from myself, Leif Jensen and GladiatorRomanus, and the Scripts (thats scripts to episodes, not fan scripts :P) got a new one for MG21 - Skateboarding.

The grabpics would normally be at the end of the update, but there's a lot of new ones, so I'm not going to do that.

MT2 Welcome Center / Framegrabs disabled on WOTS
« On: December 25, 2011, 07:17:05 AM »
Because of the fuckheads at Surpass, getting picky regarding the number of files, (250,000) I have had to disable the Framegrabs section which on it's own featured over 400,000.

They even had the fucking guts to do this to me on Christmas Eve. Which along with the following two days are all busy days in Britain.

Looks like I'm going to have to move server, yet again... I've asked them out of curiosity, if they offer packages where this ridiculous restriction is ignored aside from Dedicated Servers. But I can already bet what I'll get.

This wont be a permanent thing. I'm not that stupid. :P

WOTS Capsule Data / [Quotage] NABF18 - Holidays of Future Passed
« On: December 12, 2011, 03:21:24 AM »
Lisa: Who says we're going to have kids of our own?
Bart: Not me man, this cycle of jerks has to end!

Bart has apparently joined the hacking group, Anonymous

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