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Closing soon.

MT2 is closed. It had a good run. But all is not lost. I've created a new forum, about Bongo Comics, who publish the SIMPSONS and FUTURAMA comics :D Check the forum out on Topics from the integration from WOTS have been kept, and if you posted in them, so has your account! If you reset your password, you should be able to login again with your old username!

If you need help, use index.php to post on MT2 for now, and I can reset your password for you.

Regards Gary M. Gadsdon.


Homer Pyle Fry

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The Simpsons favorite episode per season:
s1: Life on the Fast Lane; s2: Lisa's Substitute; s3: Flaming Moe's; s4: A Streetcar Named Marge; s5: Rosebud; s6: Who Shot Mr. Burns? pt 1; s7: Bart Sells His Soul; s8: Homer's Enemy; s9: Lisa the Simpson