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Author Topic: MT2-Soft FAQ  (Read 17900 times)

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MT2-Soft FAQ
« On: March 20, 2008, 07:14:54 PM »

Here's a list of frequently asked questions.

How much do your themes cost?
Generally, they're free.

What software are your themes compatible with?
Only SMF at this time.

Your theme's place a second copyright line on every page. I don't like it, can I remove it?
Not unless you pay for it. To do so, you need a membership on Multi Talk 2 (this forum). If you don't have one, you can register here and then go to the Paid Subscription area and complete the transaction. Donations are also welcome. :)

Whelp! Your theme has more than one file in it!
Then you'll only need to download the file that is for your version of SMF.

But how can I tell the difference?
Usually by the version number in the file name. If you're using 1.1 then you'll want the file that has in it or similar. 1.0 means it's the first version of my theme and all first version themes are for 1.1. SMF 1.0 is obsolete now, so I dont create themes for it. If the file name has then that means it's for SMF 2.0 Beta 3 Public.

I used your theme on 1.1 but now it doesn't work on 2.0.
For most part, the SMF 2.0 upgrader will take care of it. The only parts that wont work are the new features in 2.0, wait around for me to update the theme and then simply install it again.

Aren't you an SMF Team Member?
Yes, I am.

Then why don't you have your themes updated already?
Because stuff changes very quickly, and keeping up with the changes will require a lot of work, so waiting until there's actually a release is much easier.

Are any of your themes compatible with TinyPortal?
Some of them are, check out Crip's board on the TinyPortal Website for any of MT2-Soft's themes, those themes will be compatible with TinyPortal.

Who is part of the MT2-Soft group?
At the moment, it's just me. Gary M. Gadsdon.

Are you planning on releasing themes for MyBB, vBulletin, phpBB or IPB?
I cant see that happening.

What about YaBB SE?
YaBB SE is long dead, and evolved into SMF. You're better off using that instead of YaBB SE.

I found a couple of small bugs in your theme, where do I report them?
Use Multi Talk 2's Bugtracker
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