Why Go With AIG Malaysia?

AIG Malaysia is often a prominent insurance company in Malaysia. Their insurance is designed to help ease individuals of pointless emotional stress and troubles in miserable accidents. Auto insurance plan is designed to reassure you to rest easy knowing that your future is covered.

If you’re looking to get a one-stop insurance agency that will protect all aspects of yourself, then think about using AIG Malaysia. AIG has home, car, travel, and personal accident insurance, which you can use to ensure that you have a secure plan b in the event of unpredicted accidents. Travel Insurance policies at AIG Malaysia can cover your healthcare expenditures or trip cancellations for domestic and international travel. There’s also a special policy for students going overseas to study, so you can pursue your educational dreams without being held back because of the concern with the unanticipated.

AIG Malaysia

If you’re a property owner, you should think about getting some home insurance to shield yourself against unnecessary costs which could incur should your home or its material are weakened. House insurance helps preserve you against earthquakes, and robbery, or theft. AIG also provides monetary sustenance if you require different accommodation.

AIG’s vehicle insurance coverage is devoted to cover your vehicle against destruction- including through accidents, fire, or theft. AIG also provides a basic road assistance service when you are stranded on the highway, along with a range of customisable add-on coverages. Our focused panel repair workshop gives One year of warranty on all maintenance done.

Having Personal Accident Insurance comes with many benefits, including a lump sum payment on all accidents, as well as medical and hospitalization benefits. AIG’s policies also include 24/7, worldwide coverage, and the premium you will be needed to pay depends only on your occupation and selection of plans. Please pay a visit to our website to read more on auto insurance: https://www.aig.my/personal.